Cahaba Data

                 Application & Analytics Development


Since 2003 I have worked with organizations providing custom application development.  

 * Analytics: Microsoft PowerBI development and instruction    

 * VBA: Visual Basic for Applications.  This can involve any of the Microsoft Office products, though most frequently used Access and Excel.  

 * SQLAs a Subject Matter Expert I was selected to perform the technical review of the textbook: Access 2010 Inside Out (Microsoft Press).

 * NoSQL: Certified MongoDB DBA 2019

I have very strong skills in application design & best practices, emphasizing: SQL, VBA, Access, Excel, PowerBI. My focus is on data centric office applications.

Customers:   I am a contractor and work with a client as a time-shared virtual employee.  Their development needs go up and down depending on where they are in their application's life.  I will log on remotely to connect and develop just like a local employee.  

The complexity of a business application demands viewing the business relationship as teaming with an experienced, seasoned USA based developer that will be reliably available when needed on a long term basis.  Past and present employers include:
                                     * New York City - Metropolitan Transit Authority
                                     * Sunbelt Rentals (Temporary Structures Group - Memphis)
                                     * Amicus Therapeutics (New Jersey)
                                     * (Minneapolis)
                                     * Vadar Systems (Massachusetts)
                                     * Hyatt Hotels (St. Louis)
                                     * Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
                                     * Oncotherapeautics (California)


I am happy to discuss with you regarding approaches in managing your information.  


                           Cahaba Data Inc.
                                         Attn: Jim Bailie
                                         732 Montgomery Hwy, No. 252
                               Birmingham, AL 35216
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* With a length of 190 miles, the Cahaba River is the longest free-flowing river in Alabama.